Indian Space Agency

The Indian Space Agency (ISA) has been established by the IICT Member, the Indian Space Agency. It is one of the leading space centers in the ISA trying to bring innovative space activities and research programs by adopting upgraded technology on a national scale. Apart from investing in establishing an infrastructure for the development of space technology, the center also encourages forming partnerships with the pioneers of the Space and Science industries.


We aim to become the India Center of Excellence in Space Science and Space Technology by providing innovative solutions for the country's challenges.


To establish an infrastructure for developing space technology by building a knowledge economy, promoting scientific research, participating in building the Indian Space Program, and forming partnerships with Space and Science industry pioneers.


Developing advanced national research programs in space science and technology to serve the country’s strategic innovation agenda. Educating and training national organizations specialized in space sciences. Creating technical publications in space science to contribute to the development of the industry Promoting the culture of space science and technology through educational programs, exhibitions, research groups, and various activities Forming modern societies in the field of space communication